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As with most federal charges, you face elevated penalties if charged in federal court as opposed to state courts. Arson is no different—if your case meets certain requirements, you could face federal arson charges. This means you need an aggressive Miami criminal defense attorney with experience fighting federal charges by your side to protect you.

Lead Attorney Rothman is supremely qualified to handle criminal defense cases of all kinds—he is a Board Certified Criminal Trial lawyer by The Florida Board of Legal Specialization and Education, and a Board Certified Criminal Trial Advocacy Specialist by the National Board of Trial Advocacy. You can trust Rothman & Associates, P.A. has all the resources needed to fight back against criminal charges to get your life back when you face federal charges.

What constitutes federal arson?

Arson is the criminal burning of homes, businesses, and other property. In most cases, arson is a state offense; certain circumstances can make it a concern of the federal government, making it absolutely necessary that you retain a seasoned Miami arson attorney.

Arson is prosecuted on the federal level if:

  • It occurs in an overseas U.S. Territory
  • It is racially motivated or a hate crime
  • The property burned is owned or leased by the U.S. government
  • Religious property, such as a church, is involved
  • If the offense intentionally created a significant risk of death or serious bodily injury to others

If convicted, you stand to face up to 25 years in federal prison and possible payment of repairing or preplacing the destroyed property.

Fight Back against Your Charges

A conviction is not the final word in any case, and our Miami federal defense lawyers can petition on your behalf in federal court on your behalf. The prosecution needs to be able to place you at the scene of the crime in the first place, and establish that you were responsible for the conflagration. Even if you were responsible for the fire, if you did not intend to set it, it may be difficult to charge you of a federal offense, which could mean a lighter sentence if convicted.

The fierce advocacy our firm can provide for you can make all the difference, so reach out to the firm and begin your legal defense today!

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