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Florida is considered one of the harshest on sex offenders in an effort to minimize the crime rate. The restrictions placed on those convicted of a sex crime, such as where they will live, work, and limit where they may travel.

Beyond the judicial penalties, there is one consequence that carries an intense stigma that can even be lifelong. Some counties carry more stringent penalties, beyond the minimum required under state law.

All who are convicted of a sex crime in Florida must register with the state’s sex offender registry. These individuals must report to the sheriff’s office and provide personal information, including their name, social security number, physical description, address, phone numbers, and many other factors that can be used to identify the individual, including a photograph.

Two Types of Registered Sex Offenders

In Florida, there is a differentiation between two types of individuals convicted of sex crimes: sexual offenders and sexual predators. A sexual predator is considered the more dangerous of the two, as they have been convicted of committing capital or first-degree, felony-level sex crimes, or have accumulated two or more second-degree felonies. While a sex offender must maintain registration at least twice a year, a sexual predator must update their information at least four times per year.

The types of crimes that constitute a sexual include:

Failing to maintain registration is a serious offense that can carry severe punishments. It might be considered a violation of your parole, as an example. Or, it may entail imprisonment for 5 years and as much as 15 years, depending on the circumstances. As you can see, a Florida sex crime charge carries a multitude of negative implications that have the ability to affect your livelihood in numerous ways. It is imperative that you seek representation from a Miami sex crimes lawyer right away for defense.

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