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The trend over the past two decades is for the government to file criminal charges for fraud that formerly would have been handled in civil court. Parties convicted of government fraud charges face possible sentences that, in addition to financial penalties, include time spent in state or federal prison.

If you have reason to believe you are under suspicion for government fraud, contact our Miami white collar crime attorneys at Rothman & Associates, discuss your situation. At our firm, founded in 1980, we have the experience to form creative and effective legal solutions that can protect your rights and minimize the consequences of a conviction.

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How can Rothman & Associates, P.A. help me?

Government contract fraud cases may be prosecuted in state courts, federal courts, or both. Effectively handling the complexities of trying a case in a U.S. district court while simultaneously defending the client against charges filed in state court requires skill, knowledge, and determination. Our Miami government fraud defense lawyers have this ability.

Our founding attorney, David B. Rothman, is a specialist in criminal trial law, board-certified by The Florida Bar. He also has experience as a former prosecutor. When handling a government fraud case, we combine Mr. Rothman's experience with the knowledge and skill of the other lawyers at our firm.

This team approach gives a well-rounded perspective to our defense and has allowed us to successfully defend clients charged with:

  • Corruption in connection with government scandals
  • Government contracts involving fraudulent bids and proposals
  • Procurement integrity issues
  • Fraudulent accounting standards
  • Failure to obtain licensing and data rights
  • Defective pricing
  • False claims
  • Prime-subcontractor issues
  • Government audits and investigations
  • Claims for equitable adjustment
  • Inadequacy of internal controls
  • Other compliance issues

Our lawyers are also prepared to represent clients against state and federal charges of fraud or misrepresentation, including those involving Medicare and Medicaid fraud allegations and state and federal grant fraud.

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