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Wire fraud is simply any type of fraud that takes place over the phone, internet, computer or other interstate communications device and intends to take another’s property or money. If you are facing charges of wire fraud, you may be looking at steep penalties and loss of reputation. Don’t attempt to work through this charge without representation that you can trust. Wire fraud is generally categorized with other federal crimes and could result in invasive financial and personal investigations.

With the help of Miami wire fraud defense lawyers from Rothman & Associates, P.A., you can be sure your rights will be well-defended. We have extensive experience defending white collar crimes, especially cases concerning fraud, from prosecuting or investigating federal and state agencies.

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Wire Fraud Elements & Penalties

Prosecutors must prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that a person faced with wire fraud charges actually had the intent to steal something of value from another through the use of a false promise, lies, misrepresentation or the like, specifically through the use of an interstate communications device. Even if the defendant did not receive any money from the scam and the victim didn’t experience any loss of valuables, the defendant can still be held accountable for scheming to defraud another.

When simplified, wire fraud can be defined by these components:

  • An individual’s creation or participation of or in a plan to defraud another
  • An individual’s intention to defraud that person
  • An individual’s reasonably assumed use of interstate wire communications to defraud
  • An individual’s actual use of wire communication to defraud

Each act of wire fraud is counted separately, so someone who attempted to defraud others through seven separate phone calls could be charged with seven separate acts of wire fraud. Under federal law, one instance of wire fraud could be penalized by large fines and up to 20 years of time in prison. If wire fraud is enacted on a larger scale and impacts a financial institution, the penalties leap to potential fines of $1,000,000 and up to 30 years of time in prison.

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