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At Rothman & Associates, P.A., we defend people charged with money laundering, structuring, and other financial crimes, including illegal financial transactions and the use of money gained through illegal financial transactions. At our firm, founded in 1980, we bring a depth of experience and knowledge to these cases, allowing us to form smart and creative solutions that can protect our clients' rights while minimizing legal penalties and consequences.

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Money Laundering vs. Structuring

Here is some important information to understand regarding money laundering and structuring:

  • Money laundering, unlike structuring, is possessing or moving money derived from, or used for, criminal activity.
  • Structuring is controlling the amount of money received or deposited in such a way as to avoid state and federal financial transaction reporting requirements.
  • Both crimes are equally as serious and can result in consequences that affect your freedom and your future.

Our Miami money laundering defense lawyers approach financial crime cases as a team. We rely on everyone's knowledge, experience, and background in order to analyze your case from every angle and develop a thorough defense strategy based on your desired outcome.

Attorney David B. Rothman's experience as a former prosecutor also helps us prepare for the challenges and tactics used to obtain a conviction. We are on your side, and we know how to fight for your rights.

Understanding Your Charges

Individuals and small businesses are not always aware that anti-money laundering statutes apply to them. For example, small businesses are required to file reports when they receive in excess of $10,000. When they don't — with or without knowing the requirements — they are actually violating the law.

These crimes are easily detectable due to the full paper trail associated with a money transfer. Similarly, defending against such charges involves detailed analysis of financial records. Our firm's attorneys are experienced in this defense work and can help you or your business understand your charges and take appropriate legal action.

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