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Our Miami, Florida, criminal defense law firm provides clients with the thorough and aggressive representation necessary for an effective defense against state and federal charges prosecuted as RICO violations. Our Miami white collar crimes lawyers include board-certified criminal defense specialist David Rothman. Please contact our office to make arrangements if you would like to speak with one of our lawyers about a RICO investigation.

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RICO Violations

The Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) is designed to offer state and federal prosecutors a means of combining diverse and ostensibly unrelated crimes into one criminal charge. With RICO accusations, the accused can face much worse penalties than they would otherwise.

Our firm wants you to understand certain aspects of RICO violations, such as the following details:

  • If each of many individuals is charged with a relatively minor drug violation, each may face a maximum sentence of one year.
  • When multiple charges are combined in a RICO case accusing multiple parties of behaving as an illegal operation, individuals could potentially be forced to spend over a decade in prison
  • RICO trials can be lengthy and complicated, and the prosecutors can bring to bear the seemingly-limitless resources of state and federal agencies
  • Racketeering charges currently go well beyond those of more traditional RICO cases

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RICO was initially designed to assist law enforcement with investigating and prosecuting members of organized criminal enterprises, and the public tends to associate racketeering with the "mob" or Mafia. Now, RICO is used when the alleged crimes include not only interstate gambling, bribery, extortion, trafficking, counterfeiting, and loan sharking, but also white collar crimes such as securities fraud, falsifying ID documents, embezzlement, and even public corruption. On top of burdensome racketeering charges, you could also face related charges such as federal conspiracy, increasing the possible penalties you could face if convicted.

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